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Readers: Bookmark These Pages

Here are some pages for cozy mystery readers to book mark today to keep up to date on what's happening.

We all know what happens when we're looking for a book, blog post, or event and can't recall where we last saw it. If we can't find the page, we might miss out on a great read or an amazing event. That's why it's best to bookmark certain pages for future reference. If you're a cozy mystery reader, you're going to want to bookmark these pages.

Bookmarks 1: Best-Sellers Lists

Bookmarks 2: Free Cozies

Bookmarks 3: Cozy Recommendations

If you're looking for books but want recommendations try these sites:

Bookmarks 4: Cozy Community

Cozy Mystery Library has a community links page listing all cozy mystery blogs, book clubs, and other resources for readers.

Do you have a cozy page on the internet you've bookmarked for easy reference? Let us know!

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