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It's a Holly, Jolly Book Fair!

Join us Sunday, November 21st, 2021 for a celebration of holiday-inspired cozy mysteries!

What is A Holly, Jolly Book Fair?

A Holly, Jolly Book Fair is a celebration of cozy mysteries featuring any holidays from any time of the year. Authors will be sharing with readers what inspires them to write about the holidays, editors will share why they love editing holiday cozies, and book tubers will share what inspires them about the holiday season.

Readers will find discounted books, which they can purchase through our affiliate links (the Cozy Mystery Library does benefit from the links) and merchandise will also be available during the fair. Readers may also enjoy the puzzles and games on the site the day of the fair.

Everyone is welcome to join in on the giveaways, which include gift baskets, books, and more!

When and How do I attend A Holly, Jolly Book Fair?

A Holly, Jolly Book Fair takes place Sunday, November 21st starting at 12pm on The Cozy Mystery Library website. There will be a link on the homepage as well as links posted on social media. You're also welcome to register for The Cozy Mystery Library Book Fairs or subscribe to The Cozy Mystery Library to receive an email reminder the day of the fair.

Who will be attending the fair?

Authors, editors, book tubers and readers who love cozy mysteries are all welcome to attend! The list of professional attendees is still growing, and professionals in the cozy mystery community are still welcome to sign up! The list of authors and other professionals attending the fair will be announced in another blog post before the day of the fair.

Will the books and merchandise be on sale?

At least one book in each series must be on sale in order for authors to put their books into the fairs. Usually, several books are on discounted prices, if not whole series! Plus, many authors choose to give a book or two to readers in the giveaways! Purchases are made on Amazon through our affiliate links - so Kindle Unlimited books are included!

Will I be able to talk with authors, editors, and booktubers?

Yes! Many of the authors have done pre-recorded interviews, which you can watch during the fair. The authors, editors and you tubers will also be participating in the text chat on the book fair page on The Cozy Mystery Library during the event, so feel free to ask them your questions or let them know if you enjoy their work. Authors are always thrilled to hear from readers, editors are happy to answer questions, and book tubers love sharing about their exciting events, so please do join in on the discussion on Nov. 21st!

Does it cost anything to attend?

All Cozy Mystery Library book fairs are free for everyone! The professionals participating in the events have chosen to share their time freely with you, at no cost to them. This is just a fun get together of people in the cozy mystery community! The Cozy Mystery Library and authors do benefit from purchases made through the fair, so you're welcome to show your support by making a purchase, but there's no obligation to spend anything but quality time with people who love cozies as much as you do!

I don't celebrate holidays, are there other fairs I can attend?

Yes! While this event is a holiday-related cozy fair, The Cozy Mystery Library hosts several fairs throughout the year that are not holiday-themed. This is the last fair for 2021, but check back on the site in January to see the list of events The Cozy Mystery Library will be hosting in 2022.

Have more questions about the book fair? Visit to learn more.

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