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Sneak Peek: Holly, Jolly Book Fair

Get an inside look at this Sunday's holiday-themed cozy mystery book fair.

What is A holly, Jolly Book Fair?

A Holly, Jolly Book Fair is a holiday-themed cozy mystery book fair, which will include discounted books from several series that feature holidays from throughout the year. Attendees can watch pre-recorded interviews with authors, editors and book tubers in the cozy mystery community while chatting with them and one another about what we all love about reading cozy mysteries during the holidays. There will also be giveaways, games, and, of course, shopping!

Grab a cup of hot cocoa (or your drink of choice), get cozy, and let's get together!

When, Where, and How do I Attend A holly Jolly Book Fair?

All the information on when, where, and how to attend are in a previous post listing the details of the fair. If you'd like to see who is attending the fair, that is listed in another post as well. On the day of the fair (Sunday, November 21st), all you need to do is visit and you'll see links to the fair listed on the main page and the book fair page:

Navigating the Fair

On the day of the fair, click on the link on the homepage or in the top menu bar on to get to the fair. (If you are subscribed to The Cozy Mystery Library or have registered for a previous fair, you'll receive a direct link to the fair in your email on the day of the fair).

Once you are on the fair page, you can click on "Mingle" in the top buttons or on "Enter" in the middle of the page to see the first event, which is chatting with authors, editors, and book tubers:

On the "Mingle" page, you can view the videos and chat with authors. When the chat is over, move on to the "Shop" page, to shop books and merchandise that make perfect holiday gifts for cozy mystery lovers!

On the "Shop" read the descriptions of the cozies to see if you'd like the book for yourself or a loved one for the holidays. Then, click the affiliate link to purchase the book. Most of the books will be on sale especially for this fair! Scroll down and you'll see more cozy and holiday-related products.

On the "Giveaway" page, enter the giveaways. Make sure to include your accurate email address, as this is how we will contact winners. Giveaways are done through Rafflecopter and winners' names will appear on this page as they are listed in Rafflecopter after the giveaway ends. Please make sure to read the giveaways rules before entering any of the giveaways.

On the "Play" page, complete a jigsaw puzzle and/or do some crosswords or word searches powered by,, and, respectively.

Thanks in advance for joining us at the fair! We look forward to "seeing" you there!

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