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5 Cozy Mystery Book Clubs You'll Want to Join as a Reader

Want a more social way to read books? Looking for a great way to get your books out there as an author? Join one of these clubs today!

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Book clubs allow you to talk to others with similar interests not just about the books you love, but so much more. Why do you love cozy mysteries? Maybe it's the characters because they remind you of people you know. Maybe you love the setting because you love small towns or because you love learning tips and tricks for making your home feel cozy. Maybe you love culinary cozies because you love to cook. Or maybe you love the mystery itself and spend your free time solving puzzles.

Cozy Mystery Book Clubs Online

If you love cozy mysteries, chances are you share other interests with readers like yourself. And if you love to socialize, or miss socializing in this pandemic-ridden time, you might find connecting with other readers a welcome opportunity. Cozy mystery book clubs come in many forms, including clubs for writers of cozy mysteries. For today's article, we're focusing on clubs where readers can choose a book or book theme to read together and discuss over a month. These online cozy mystery book clubs are great (virtual) places to get together with like-minded mystery lovers (ranked alphabetically):

  1. Cozy Mystery Book Club: Run by Angela Maria Hart, this club hosts live discussions on a chosen book on the last Wednesday of every month. Readers vote on the book of the month on Twitter a few months in advance. Then, read the book and watch the live stream video and join in the discussion on YouTube. Angela always

  2. Cozy Mystery Book Club (Facebook): This is a Facebook group made up of several authors who give a free ebook each month. Subscribe to the website to get the monthly pick and join the group to discuss the books.

  3. Esme Addison's Cozyville Book Club: Esme Adams invites readers to read the same book over the course of a month and then meet to discuss the book with her and with the book's author! This is a great way to not just share the fun of reading cozies, but getting insights behind the scenes of the books! Esme also surprises lucky readers with gifts on occasion!

  4. Cozy Escape Book Club

    1. Run by Lisa and Courtny, this club votes on Facebook and Twitter for which book they'll read together over the course of the month. Lisa and Courtny sometimes post a chapter or two of the book read aloud on YouTube and

  5. Cozy Mystery Community (Goodreads)

    1. Rather than just reading one book a month with this club, suggestions are made to read books by specific themes and readers are encouraged to share what they've read in discussion boards. There are also occasional word games and other activities in the discussions. There's also a section for writers to discuss topics amongst themselves and to ask questions of readers.

Side Note: I'm not sponsored by any of these clubs, but I am a member of some of them, and I think they're all fun!

Cozies about Book Clubs

Did you know there were cozy mysteries featuring book clubs? Cozy Mysteries Unlimited has a section just for books about bookstores and book clubs. See Cozy Mysteries Unlimited's Book Club Books.

Here are some more cozies where a sleuth or other characters in a book are a part of a book club:

Cozy Capers Book Club Mystery Series

Main Street Book Club Mysteries

Mystery Book Club Mystery

Have you read a cozy about a book club that you enjoyed reading? Do you have a book club you attend regularly? Comment below or join the conversation on social media.

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