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Cozy Mystery Community Events July

Here are July Events coming up in the cozy mystery community. If something isn't listed here, check the Events calendar for new updates and/or email me to add anything to our events calendar.

Cozy Book Tours

This month, Great Escape is hosting the following tours (click the dates for details about the tour).

July 6th - July 19th: The Moonshine Shack Murder: A Southern Home-brew Mystery by Diane Kelly

July 12th - July 25th: 70% Dark Intentions: A Bean to Bar Mystery by Amber Royer

July 13th - July 26th: Midnight Spells Murder: A Happy Camper Mystery by Mary Angela

July 14th - July 23rd: Music is Murder: A Musical Murder Mystery by B.J. Bowen

See some cozy mysteries released in May on Cozy Mystery List.

Don't see your event here? Contact me and I'll add it to our calendar.

Happy July Everyone!

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