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A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair: Sneak Peek!

Get a sneak peek at the paranormal cozy mystery-themed book fair happening this Sunday, September 26th!

A Frightfully Cozy Book fair will be held on September 26th at 12pm (Arizona Time). If you've previously registered for our fairs (and/or if you're a subscriber to The Cozy Mystery Library), you will receive a link to the book fair on the day of the event. You are welcome to browse the site, shop, or play the games before the fair begins.

You can browse the fair by clicking the links at the top of the page. The first link, "See Library," will take you to The Cozy Mystery Library and leaves the fair. "See Fair Page," returns you to the homepage of the book fair. You will find the books and Merchandise on the "Shop Books" link and you can enter a giveaway in the "Win Prizes" section. Don't forget to try out a word search, crossword puzzle, or jigsaw puzzle.

At 12pm, click "Enter" on the fair page to go to the first scheduled event. The first event (pictured below) is the "Meet the Authors" page. There will be a video on the right of interviews with the authors. You can hear chats with authors about their books and their love of paranormal mysteries, plus find out about upcoming projects in the works.

To the right of the video, you can join in on live chat with the authors. If, for any reason, you are not seeing live comments, just refresh your browser and you should be able to see the conversation continuing. Author's social links are listed above the video for you to like and follow the authors whose books you will be sure to enjoy!

Once the chat with authors is done, click "Go to Next Event" to go to the next event of the day, which is the chat with professionals in the cozy mystery community. Here, editors, bloggers, and more share their insights into what makes a perfect paranormal mystery! Once again, the social links of every professional is listed. Like and follow to keep up with cozy mystery events!

After the videos and chats, it's time to shop! Visit the "Shop Books" page to see the books and merchandise on sale at the fair. There are descriptions for each book as well as Amazon links listed with their current price. Books in the fair are affiliate links, so The Cozy Mystery Library does earn from purchases make through the links at the fair, and so do the authors! Many of the books prices will be lowers on the day of the fair!

Merchandise may also be discounted for the fair. You can scroll down or click the "Merchandise" button to see the merchandise, including shirts, cups, office supplies, and other merchandise- some of which is exclusive to the fair! As with the books, merchandise links are affiliate links (for Zazzle).

Once you've shopped the books and merchandise, feel free to enter any or all of the giveaways! There are editing services for authors, short stories, audiobooks, gift baskets, and gift cards being offered for 1 day only. The giveaways begin at 12pm on Sunday, September 26th and end at 12pm on Monday, September 27th. (Make sure to read the terms and conditions before entering the giveaways.)

The fair features games, such as a jigsaw puzzles and a crossword puzzle, which you are welcome to play!

Last, but not least, if you enjoyed the fair, please do leave a comment and let us know! We love hearing feedback and hope you’ll join us again for future events!

See you at the fair!

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