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A Holly, Jolly
Book Fair


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Alice Boatwright

Under an English Heaven

     In book 1 of the Ellie Kent Mysteries,  American Ellie Kent has just moved with her new English husband, Graham, to the Cotswolds. While she expects some hesitation to accept her as the vicar's wife, she doesn't expect that a murder in town puts her at the center of suspicion.

What Child is This?

    Book 2 of the Ellie Kent mysteries takes place at Christmas in the Cotswolds, a time of merriment and joy – except for the missing person and the abandoned baby that has just been left at the church. It's up to to the vicar's wife, American-born Ellie Kent, to help solve the mysteries and restore the peace of the holiday season.

Katherine Brown

Mysteries of Christmas Past


     Spend this holiday season with a merry collection of cozy mysteries from six of your favorite authors, including Katherine Brown. Katherine’s short story, "Harm for the Holidays," follow Annabeth Watson as she returns home for the holidays and is met with the murder of a main. Can Annebeth discover the truth in the midst of the house guests and holiday parties?

Once Upon a Halloween


    Get twenty-three spooky original cozy mysteries with a sprinkling of seniors and smart mouth and a dash of witches and sass. In this Halloween anthology, Katherine H. Brown brings you a deliciously wicked tale in her story, "Costumes and Cadavers."

Turkeys and Tragedy


     Who would want to kill YouTube DIY Decorating sensation Serena Jackson?

There are suspects everywhere when another body drops at Charity Basham’s feet. Charity is hoping the murderer is not one of her customers but her questions only lead to an array of aggravated acquaintances, and a terrifying car crash turned attempted murder. Will she be able to catch the killer or will the killer catch her?

Gingerbread & Gravediggers


     In this Christmas holiday mystery, late-night gravediggers haunt the church graveyard, surprise gifts are given, a gigantic gingerbread contest gets out of hand, and Charity Basham is up to her Santa hat in Christmas chaos. Detective Sota may not understand why Charity is digging into the mysteries around town, but Charity and her fluffy feline Jinx are on the case in this fun-filled holiday cozy mystery today!

Molly Fitz

Molly Mysteries

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 12.46.55 PM.png

Meowy Christmas Mayhem

   Get Molly's free book, Meowy Christmas, which involves cats, Santa, and the joy of the holiday season gone awry, when you subscribe to her website! 

Hoppy Holiday Homicide

     Every year, Glendale, Maine puts on a grander Holiday Spectacular than the last year. Unfortunately, the only thing everyone’s going to remember this year is the two dead bodies that show up in the center of the ice sculpture garden.

     With the whole town close proximity to the crime scene, everyone’s a suspect, but it was me and my cat that discovered the deathly duo. Now, I have clear my name and save Christmas all in one perfectly executed investigation. Hold on to your jingle bells, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Elle Hartford

A Cauldron of Deceptions


     Cozy up with six spine-tingling Halloween-themed cozy mysteries, including Elle Hartford’s “The Witch’s Brew,” which follows the traveling alchemist Red as she attempts to make her dream come true of opening a potions shop that's all her own. But dreams turn into a nightmare when a dead witch and an overzealous police officer start haunting Red's every move! It turns out Belville isn't all fairy tales and potions . . . especially on All Hallow's Eve.

Vikki Walton

Christmas Capers


    Anne Freemont is bored, even in the holiday season, so when she learns about a string of robberies in the mountain town of Carolan Springs, she can’t resist solving another mystery. To her surprise, Anne finds the clues are directing her to something much larger. 
This feel-good Christmas story with a message about what’s truly important is a part of the Backyard Farming series.

Penny Weibly

Maybe Murder


     Benjamin Kalico, P.I. forms an unlikely partnership with Emelia Winterjoy, a retired English teacher and nascent, amateur sleuth, to solve a murder “that hasn’t happened yet.” Lured by a generous retainer and Emelia’s attractive niece, Kalico humors Mrs. Winterjoy. But while investigating a series of accidents, he begins to wonder if there may be something to her suspicions. When a member of Mrs. Winterjoy’s book club dies, Kalico is on the case.

Dusty Death

   Tiffany Blair, a famous Hollywood actor, is sure that someone is trying to sabotage her break out role in a western, hip-hop version of MacBeth. As she insists P.I. Benjamin Kalico be by her side day and night to investigate, Kalico decides to ask Miss Emelia Winterjoy, his intrepid retired English teacher partner, to go under cover as the star’s assistant. Danger is on the set in this Kalico Cat Detective Agency mystery.

To Catch a Cat

   Austin’s historic Parrot Hotel hires P.I. Benjamin Kalico to catch a jewel thief who is victimizing the hotel guests. While the jewel thief is a mystery, even more intriguing is woman who seeks help from Kalico. She’s beautiful, slender, toned, and…dead? Join Kalico on his quest to help the hotel and investigate the mysterious woman’s supposed murder.

Kirsten Weiss

Gnome Alone

     Missing gnomes, a murdered caroler, and Bigfoot as a suspect are all included in this laugh-out-loud Wits’ End cozy mystery following UFO-themed B&B owner Susan Witsend as she tries to put the alien back in…Christmas? Don’t miss out on the Bigfoot Investigation protocol included in the back of this hilarious cozy mystery book!

Deja Moo


     A holiday tradition turns deadly in this Paranormal Museum mystery. Maddie Kosloski is no fan of San Benedetto's Christmas Cow, a thirty-foot straw bovine that graces the town square every December—especially since every year it goes up in flames. But this year, one of the Christmas Cow guards has been found with an arrow in his chest, and Maddie's new haunted cowbell exhibit is fueling a panic. Are the spirits in her museum to blame?

Astoria Wright

*Please note: The following are not affiliate links - since I am the author, I cannot place affiliate link to my own books on this site. I do still earn from your purchases of these books. Thank you for your support!

Faerie Book 2.png


Remedy and Ruins

Remedy and Ruins

Book 2 in the The Faerie Apothecary Mystery takes place during All Hallows Eve, with a celebration set to take place in the magical island of Moss Hill.

Faerie Book 3.png

Elixirs and



Elixirs and Elves


In book 3 of The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries, the elves are throwing a Christmas party and the King of Sidhe and Elves will be attending! But when a servant to the king is killed, chaos ensues! 

Faerie Book 4.png

Charms and



Charms and Changelings


Love is in the air in book 4 of The Faerie Apothecary Mystery series, but so is suspicion. People are not acting like themselves. Could they have been replaced by changelings? And if so, how can the people of Moss Hill save their loved ones from the faeries who kidnapped them?


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