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Who is Attending A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Here are the authors whose books will be on sale during this Sunday's paranormal cozy mystery book fair! Also, see which professionals will be joining us to discuss what make a perfect paranormal mystery!


Ada Bell:

About Ada: Ada Bell knew you'd be reading this. Okay, well, she knew someone would be. (Hi, Mom!) That's pretty much the extent of her psychic powers. A life-long mystery buff, Ada has devoured everything from Murder, She Wrote to Nancy Drew to Psych!, so she was pretty much destined to end up here. Ada loves Scooby Doo, superhero movies, STEM heroines, and cake. Mmm, cake.

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Eva Belle:

About Eva: Hello, I am author Eva Belle, and I love a ghost story told in a cozy setting. I write a special kind of cozy mystery that I call an autumn cozy paranormal mystery, because I enjoy all things autumn and Halloween is my favorite holiday. My autumn cozy paranormal mysteries are based in the sleepy town of Cape Mystic, Washington, which is located on the shores of the Puget Sound. My books are a delightful mixture of genuine characters with a quirky streak, a town with a haunted past, and lots of cupcakes and coffee. If you like to curl up on a rainy day with a hot drink and a good book, then I’ve got the perfect cozy paranormal mystery for you with an autumn twist. If this sounds interesting to you, then please sign up for my newsletter at to learn about my upcoming releases. My next book, Harvest and Haunt, will be available soon in October 2021.

Best, Eva Belle

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Elaine Faber:

About Elaine: Elaine has published nine books, four cozy cat mysteries, three WWII humorous historical fiction and an anthology of short 'cat' stories. Her popular Mrs. Odboddy series involves a patriotic woman solving crimes on the homefront and her equally unique Black Cat Mysteries involve a supernatural cat with ancestral memories that help sleuth out secrets of criminal minds. You have a chance to win her anthology at the fair!

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Marta Ferguson:

About Marta: Marta Ferguson is the author of the Mystic Match Mysteries: Demeter West and the Ghost Town Glitch, Demeter West and the Absent Presence, and the forthcoming prequel Evil Steve and Scary Gary’s First Adventure. She’s also the narrator and producer of the audiobook for Demeter West and the Ghost Town Glitch. Marta runs two YouTube channels on the novel-writing process, Marta’s Magical Mystery Class and Marta’s SciFi Seminar. Marta can be found regularly on Instagram and GoodReads and occasionally on Twitter, usually as part of a book discussion. She’s an active member of the Cozy Mystery Book Club and highly recommends joining!

When she’s not reading, writing, recording, or working on book promotion, Marta freelances as Wordhound Writing & Editing Services, LLC.

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Molly Fitz

About Molly: Molly Fitz is the quirky, cozy mystery pen name of USA Today bestselling author, Melissa Storm. While she can't technically talk to animals, she and her doggie best friend, Sky Princess, have deep and very animated conversations as they navigate their days. Add to that, five more dogs, a snarky feline, comedian husband, and diva daughter, and you can pretty much imagine how life looks in Casa de Fitz.

Molly lives in a house on a high hill in the Michigan woods and occasionally ventures out for good food, great coffee, or to meet new animal friends. Molly also runs the publishing company, Whiskered Mysteries, which specializes in cozy mysteries for pet lovers.

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Elle hartford:

About Elle: Hi everyone! I'm a new author and proud member of the Cozy Mystery Book Club. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest writing fantasy, and today I live in New Jersey working at a museum in order to keep my tortoise and three-legged cat in the style to which they're accustomed. Even though I write mysteries now, I've found that I'm basically incapable of putting pen to paper without incorporating the fantasy I love. Paranormal cozy often means awesome witches or psychic heroines -- well, for me, it means putting that quirky small town in the familiar world of fairytales. In my short stories, you'll meet Red (yes, like Little Red Riding Hood) and her friends as they solve mysteries in the fantastical world "Beyond," where magic is real and sometimes deadly. Red is an alchemist (because when you're danger-prone, it helps to have a sturdy pair of lab gloves and some tricks up your sleeve), so I'm calling my new series "The Alchemical Tales." Some of those are available in anthologies now! Through my newsletter, I'm releasing a series of stories called "The Carousel Capers" for fans of mystery and mythological horses. Stay tuned for news about the novel, too!

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Astoria Wright:

About Astoria: Hi everyone! I'm a cozy author and your host for A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair! I'm also the owner of The Cozy Mystery Library. My dream is to make the cozy mystery library the go-to resource for cozy mystery authors and readers alike. While I enjoy cozies, I also love the paranormal! I have two series I like to call cozy fantasies, because they're equally both fantasy stories and mysteries! The first is The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries, about an island town where your just as likely to have a leprechaun neighbor as you are to have a human one. Their peaceful existence is threatened when a string of murders start to happen across town. The second series, A Witch's Thrift Shop Mystery, features a regular woman who follows a black cat down an alley way and finds herself on a hidden street full of witches! The books will be on sale at the fair! Hope to see you there!

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Penni Askew

About Penni: Penni Askew is a professional editor of genre fiction who has been editing since 2015 when she began a two-year internship at a small publishing company. She opened her own business in 2017. Penni’s approach to editing is to bring your best book to your readers. She sees herself as a cross of coach, teammate, and cheerleader who preserves your voice while polishing your story. Penni is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and ACES: the Society for Editing. She is active in her local editing community and continues her professional development through webinars, classes, and conferences. She lives in North Texas and enjoys knitting while listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

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Richelle Braswell

About Richelle: Richelle Braswell is an editor who offers a one-stop-shop editing service for independent fiction authors. She provides brainstorming, outline critique, manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Cozy mystery and fantasy are her genre specialties, including YA, new adult, and paranormal. Richelle knows these subgenres well, and her honest feedback provides the relevant care your novel needs. You want to find the right editor for you, and she strives to coax your story to a place where it will shine. Authors find Richelle easy to work with and encouraging. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and ACES: The Society for Editing. Her business, Richelle Braswell Comprehensive Editing, and her newsletter, Editor Insights, can be found at

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Angela Maria Hart

About Angela: Angela Maria Hart runs the Cozy Mystery Book Club and a book club for fans of romance called Romantics at Hart. She also hosts Classically Cozy Conversations and RomanceTube on YouTube, where she interviews cozy mystery authors on their love of sleuthing and romance authors on their love of writing stories about love. Angela also devotes one day a month to writing in a Words-on-the-Page-athon, which she shares with fellow writers on her website. Last, but not least, she runs a twitter page devoted to celebrating cozy mysteries @CelebratingCozy.

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Beth Wojiski

About Beth: Beth is an editor always ready to help authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs put their best word forward. She is also an author with varied interests, and she writes about them constantly. Favorite topics include how to find the positives in life, how to create pathways to peace, and anything paranormal or book related. She's an artistic soul, whether she's singing Mozart's Requiem with a concert chorale or designing prayer shawls or inspirational jewelry, she likes to use her talents to help people find beauty, peace, and inspiration in their lives.

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You are invited to attend as well! We hope to see you there!

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