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Romance Themed Episodes of Cozy Mystery TV Shows

Valentine's Day may be over, but there are some great romantic episodes of mystery TV shows that make for cozy viewing anytime.

Most television shows create a handful of episodes for specific holidays. It's extra-cozy watching a Christmas episode of your favorite TV show in December or a Halloween-themed episode in October. The last post, 8 Modern Cozy Mystery TV Shows to Watch, listed some modern mystery TV shows cozy mystery readers might love. Today, let's take a look at some romance-themed episodes of some of these TV shows viewers can enjoy this February.

Death in Paradise - Available on Britbox

Death does not take a vacation as murderers strike on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, but with talented investigators on the case, the murderers will never get away.

Season 1 Episode 2 Wicked Wedding Night When a bride is killed on her wedding night, the whole wedding party is suspected.

Season 4 Episode 4 Until Death Do You Part A bride is killed at a hen party, making all the bridesmaids suspects in her murder.

Season 5 Episode 8 Flames of Love Officer JP has wedding jitters and Detective Inspector Humphrey makes a date with an old friend all while trying to solve a locked-room murder.

Season 6 Episode 3 The Impossible Murder Detective Inspector Humphrey takes his girlfriend on a romantic weekend, only to be interrupted by an impossible murder case.

Season 6 Episode 6 Man Overboard- Part 2 Detective Inspector Humphrey travels to England to catch a murderer and questions whether his commitment to his work on the island is worth giving up the woman he may love.

Season 7 Episode 1 Murder From Above A bride falls from her hotel balcony the day of her wedding to a billionaire.

Season 8 Episode 3 Wish you Weren't Here One of the police investigators, Florence, announces her engagement.

Season 9 Episode 2 A Murder in Portrait Detective Inspector Jack Mooney's romance with Anna heats up on a boat trip.

Season 9 Episode 3 Pirates of the Murder Scene Detective Inspector Jack Mooney must decide between staying with his girlfriend, Anna, or return home.

Monk - Available on Prime

Adrian Monk is a genius investigator with OCD-like symptoms who leaves the police to become a private detective after his wife's murder.

Season 1 Episode 7 Mr. Monk and the Other Woman - In this episode, Mr. Monk meets A woman whose similarity to Trudy and love of tidiness sparks romantic feelings in the timid detective is accused of murder.

Season 2 Episode 15 Mr. Monk Gets Married - Mr. Monk and his assistant, Sharona, go undercover as a married couple.

Season 4 Episode 6 Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk - Mr. Monk's wife may be alive! This episode plays with Monk's (and our) heartstrings.

Season 4 Episode 7 Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding - A murderer is at large at Mr. Monk's assistant, Natalie's, brother's wedding.

Season 4 Episode 8 Mr. Monk and Little Monk - An old crush from way back in junior high school hires Monk to investigate the death of her maid, bringing up old feelings of love and regret in Mr. Monk.

Season 6 Episode 5 Mr. Monk and The Birds and the Bees - Mr. Monk helps his assistant, Natalie's, daughter with her love life while solving a case of a slain wife.

Season 6 Episode 9 Mr. Monk is up all Night - Mr. Monk spends all night following a woman with whom he has an inexplicable fascination.

Season 7 Episode 6 Mr. Monk Falls in Love - Mr. Monk wrestles with feelings he never thought he'd have again when he finds himself attracted to a murder suspect.

Season 8 Episode 10 Mr. Monk and Sharona - Mr. Monk is caught between the two women in his life when his former and current assistants meet for the first time.

Season 8 Episode 15-16 Mr Monk and the End Part 1-2 Mr. Monk solves the mystery of his wife's death and is finally at peace in these two last episodes of the show.

Psych - Available on Prime

A fun, quirky show that doesn't take itself seriously, Psych is about a man posing as a fake psychic to solve crimes for the SBPD.

Season 1 Episode 3 Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece Shawn and Gus solve a murder and the case of a missing ring at a wedding.

Season 1 Episode 11 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops, He's Dead When victims are found in a field with temporary amnesia and one turns up dead, it's either alien abductions or a murderer mixing among speed daters.

Season 2 Episode 11 There's Something About Mira Shawn is shocked to learn Gus has been married once, and his ex draws Shawn and Gus into a conspiracy when she invites Gus to her wedding.

Season 2 Episode 2 Murder? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Love is in the air at Shawn and Gus's high school reunion, will Shawn get the girl and catch a murderer all in one night?

Season 4 Episode 6 Bollywood Homicide A man comes into the police station lamenting that all his girlfriends suffer near-fatal injuries because he is cursed.

Season 4 Episode 12 A Very Juliet Episode Juliet is saddened to learn that an ex-boyfriend is dead - but is all as it seems?

Season 5 Episode 1 Romeo and Juliet and Juliet It's a case of star-crossed lovers when the daughter of a Chinese gang is kidnapped by the son of an opposing gang. But did she run off or was she taken against her will?

Season 5 Episode 8 Shawn 2.0 Juliet is taken with another police consultant - will Shawn lose his chance to be with her?

Season 5 Episode 9 One, Maybe Two Ways Out Shawn is torn watching Juliet fall in love with someone else and decides he must confront her with his feelings.

Season 5 Episode 10 Extradition Two: The Actual Extradition Part Shawn and Juliet's will-they-won't-they question is finally answered in this episode.

Season 6 Episode 9 Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat Shawn and Juliet's weekend getaway is interrupted by a case of theft and murder.

Season 6 Episode 12 Shawn and the Real Girl Shawn and Gus compete to win the affections of a bachelorette in a reality TV show, much to Juliet's chagrin.

Season 7 Episode 2 Juliet Takes a Luvvah Juliet must go internet dating to catch a serial killer.

Season 7 Episode 8 Right Turn or Left for Dead Shawn's relationship regrets play out in his head as he solves a case

Season 8 Episode 10 The Break Up When Juliet leaves Santa Barbara, Shawn and Juliet must either break up or take their relationship to a whole new level.

Pushing Daisies- Available on HBO Max and Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Available from the Hallmark Channel

These two shows are arguably romantic cozy mysteries, where every episode centers around the main characters' relationships. Pushing Daisies is perfect not just for February, but for quarantine as well, since the main characters are star-crossed lovers who can't touch each other and must stay apart at all times (not because of Covid, but for a deadly reason nonetheless).

In Signed, Sealed, Delivered the entire story focuses on the romance in a lost letter, so essentially every episode of this short cozy series is a romantic mystery in the making.

If you're looking for a cozy mystery series with romance infused throughout each episode, you'll want to watch these two shows right through.

Do you have a favorite, romance-themed episode of any of mystery TV show? Comment below or join the conversation on social media.

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