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Real-Life Author Mysteries: Eugene Izzi's Mysterious Death

In this third installment of real-life author mysteries, let's take a look at the mysterious death of a mystery author: Eugene Izzi.

Eugene Izzi's Death

Eugene Izzi was a mystery writer found hanging outside the window of his high-rise office in December of 1996, wearing a bullet proof vest and holding onto $481 dollars, brass knuckles, and a can of mace in his pockets. Given the odd state in which he was found, he became a mystery in his own right. But was it a mystery of his own making?

Izzi was found with a digital file containing what is presumed to be his last manuscript, which detailed the exact same scene of his death. Some might see that as proof of Izzi’s planning. And those who knew him, knew he was a suspicious type, a little paranoid, even. But he might have had reasons for his paranoia, as there is some evidence that Izzi may have been murdered.

At the time of Izzi’s death, he was investigating a militia group in Indiana for his latest novel. He had received threatening notes and phone calls and had documented it all, not only on the phone, but in his novel. In one phone call, a woman threatens Izzi by saying he would hang in his office, so it’s no wonder Izzi’s novel describes such a death or that he was killed that way.

But no conclusive proof has ever tied the militia to Izzi’s death.

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My Theory

It's completely possible Izzi was murdered. But if that's true, why would the murderer stage his death in the same way described in his manuscript? I'm fairly sure the killer wouldn't take the time to read the book while ending Izzi's life. Was the murderer someone who knew the manuscript? Was it all a coincidence? Did Izzi have a premonition? Or did he plan his own death?

I can only guess that it was an eerie coincidence, but who knows? Either way, it's a sad case and I can only wish is family peace and hope that one day they'll discover what truly happened.

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