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Easter and Spring Themed Cozy Mysteries

Want a spring-themed cozy mystery to read this weekend? Read on.

*This post uses Amazon affiliate links.

If you're looking for a list of Easter or spring themed cozy mysteries, Cozy Mystery List and Cozy Mysteries Unlimited both have long lists of great reads to check out. Most Easter-themed cozies are not the first book in a series, and so are not often discounted except at this time of year. Here are some cozy mysteries at reasonable prices year-round.

*Prices are subject to change.

Free and Low-Priced Cozy Mysteries

Cursive, Foiled Again

Artist Jaimie Lang puts her hand-lettering skills and powers of deduction to work solving mysteries in the small town of Cedar Valley, WA.

The Mystery of the Blue Dolphins

The death of an amateur sleuth leads his niece and her doggy detective through a world of gem thieves and deadly secrets.

Murder and Mayhem

The murder of an elderly couple puts this quiet seaside town on edge.

A Fresh Brew

When Hailey Morton's aunt dies mysteriously, she inherits Aconite Cafe and a cat, or rather, a cat-dragon. With the help of what she once thought was only a mythical creature, Hailey must discover who murdered her aunt.

Bayou Easter

It's Easter Sunday when a friendly competition spins out of control.

Berry Bruiser

Marley Bloom runs a juice truck in the small, unincorporated town of Hazard Valley while solving a mysterious death in the local cafe.

Bunny Drop

This is a short cozy mystery read dedicated to bunnies everywhere.

Easter Escapade

Preparing for a baby and catching a perp are both the focus of this holiday cozy mystery.

Tea and Cupcakes

A 12-book collection of both the Sweet Baked Mysteries and the Tea Shop Cozy Mysteries series.

The Easter Egg Ennui by Katy Leen

The is a standalone holiday cozy accompanying the Lora Weaver series.

Eula May and the Easter Kandy Killer

When Eula May finds her TV producer boss dead next to a half-eaten chocolate bunny, she becomes the prime suspect in his murder.

The Easter Evader

This is a holiday novella combining A Denver Detective and the Hot Dog Detective cozy mystery series.

The Sweet Taste of Murder

Personal drama, rumor mills, and tripping over the dead body of the local playboy in town sets Elise Pepper off on a hunt for the real killer before her best friend is accused of the murder.

Have a favorite Easter or Spring-themed cozy mystery? Comment below or join the conversation on social media.

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