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Party Online with Friends!

If you're feeling socially isolated, try setting up an online event to get together with friends.

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I'm an introvert, but even I have found myself getting a bit lonely being home so much lately. And I've noticed my friends and family, many of whom are extroverts, have been a bit angsty being cut off from the world this year. To keep myself and my loved ones feeling upbeat, I've thought of a lot of different ways not to be socially isolated during Covid. In case any of you out there are looking for ways to socialize and have fun while staying cozy and safe at home, here are some ways to socialize that could easily transition back to in person events

Mystery Theaters!

Last year, around September, just for fun I wrote a Mystery Theater and then invited a few friends to play a role like an improv event over Zoom. My friends, who are extremely patient with my zany ideas, showed up and enthusiastically played their roles for what turned out to be a funny, albeit odd, night.

I later realized I probably should have gotten a professional script and was happy to find a well-written mystery night package. I bought a vampire-themed mystery and tried again with both friends and family for Halloween. We had a blast and I learned a lot from the experience - enough to know I'm going to definitely try again to write one that my friends are going to want to perform for sure! (They don't really have a choice.)

If you want to have a fun, quirky, off-beat night with your friends or family, you might want to try one of the mystery night packages by ... (I'm not sponsored by and don't have any affiliation with them. I just thought it was fun.)

Zoom Game Night

Last October was also my Grandmother's 80th birthday! To celebrate, my family and I made a Jeopardy game with questions about her life. I used an online template and we played over Zoom, surprising her with the event, which she was not expecting! It was great fun and I'd play a game like this again anytime. You can find online game templates and customize them with whatever you want, then play over zoom for a cozy and fun experience!

Jigsaw Puzzles!

This year, about once a month, I've gotten together with friends to play an online jigsaw puzzle. I found Jigsaw Explorer (I'm not sponsored by them either, I just like the site and I use it on this website, too!) a few months ago and was ecstatic to find that not only could I upload my own pictures, but they have thousands of pictures to choose from to do an online puzzles. Jigsaws are a huge stress reliever for me and I love to play them without the clutter in my home.

I was so glad to find that I could set up a multiplayer game with Jigsaw Explorer, that I immediately set up an online jigsaw night. I've used both Skype and Zoom to connect with friends while playing the jigsaw games. All you need is the link to the multiplayer game and you can share that in the Zoom or Skype chat box and then talk to each other and play like a relaxing game night at home.

The great thing about mystery theaters, games, and jigsaws is that you can go back to playing them in person once the quarantine ends, which should hopefully be soon. Or, if you're like me and comfortable at home, you can keep getting together over the internet. I've been able to connect more with friends and family outside my town and state this past year than ever before, and I'm glad for that experience. I hope that these suggestions are ones you might enjoy with your friends and family, too.

Are there are any unique ways you've socialized with friends and family online this year? Comment below or join the conversation on social media.

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