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Cozy Easter Ideas

Here are some ideas for how to celebrate a cozy Easter during this pandemic.

Card saying "Happy Easter" next to white flowers.
Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

The Preparation

With public health officials still warning us to stay cautious, many of us will be celebrating Easter in our own homes. But that doesn't mean we can't still have a festive, fun-filled holiday. How can we prepare for the upcoming celebrations in a fun and festive way? Read on to find out.

DIY: Whether your celebrating with kids or adults, doing some cozy crafts makes a home more festive on a holiday. You can paint eggs, create your own scavenger hunt by hiding things around the home or yard, and/or create some cozy decor you can use year after year. Here are some websites with DIY crafts you can make at home:

Greeting Cards: You can always buy and send a traditional Easter card, make your own, or try something new this year.

Meal Planning: Even if it's just you at home, you can still treat yourself to a fantastic meal with these Easter recipes.




The Celebration

Whether you're celebrating with others or on your own this year, here are some fun ideas for celebrations.

Easter Egg Hunts at Home: It takes some preparation, but isn't too difficult to host an Easter Egg Hunt at home. Simply write the name of a prize on a small piece of paper and hide them in eggs around the house. Kids and/or adults can search for the eggs and then gather together to distribute the prizes, which could just include inexpensive toys for the kids and nice items for around the house that adults would like to win. Even with Covid, families can do this amongst themselves or since small gatherings might now be OK for those who are vaccinated, this might be a fun activity for a small group.

Online Parties: For my grandmother's 80th birthday party last year, I took a jeopardy template and customized it with questions about her life, which my whole family played online via Zoom. The same idea may work for other games as well. Here are some ideas of games to play over Zoom:

Easter-Themed Jigsaw Puzzles: Jisaw Explorer allows up to 20 people to play a jigsaw together online. I've played this while chatting with friends via Skype, and I'm sure it would work with Zoom as well.

Easter-Themed Jeopardy: Jeopardy Labs has an Easter-Themed game (some of the questions are difficult!) or you can download a template to make your own.

Easter Bingo: Create your own digital bingo board and send a link to those invited to play with you on Easter or download and send a general template for people to print and play together.

Have another idea for Easter? Comment below or let us know on social media!

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