Cozies Quiz: What's your subgenre?

New subgenres of mystery emerge all the time as we tailor our reading lists on sites like Goodreads. Which subgenres will you add to your list? Take the quiz below to find your new favorite subgenre.

What are cozy mysteries?

We all read for the mystery, even if it's not a mystery novel. We want to know what's going to happen, so we keep turning pages. But we also have specific interests.

Want a fast paced page-turner? Try a thriller. Want a nail-biting, intense mystery? Try suspense. How about a clean-cut mystery with a comfy setting, friendly characters, and no graphic gore.

Cozy Mysteries are perfect for those who want to read a crime mystery without gruesome scenes, sex, or profanity. Usually set in small towns or cozy neighborhoods in big cities, where neighbors know each other, cozy mysteries leave the murder off the page and focus on the mystery. Generally, the sleuth is an amateur detective, who solves crimes not because he/she is a detective, but because of a keen mind and and knowledge of the community. The sleuths make it possible for us to solve crimes right along with them - because through them we get to know their communities as if they were our own friends and neighbors.

What's your subgenre?

Cozies might be a subgenre of mysteries, but there are genres within genres here. Like fantasy? You might try paranormal cozies. Love bakeries? Try a baking cozy! You could try a free cozy from any of the following subgenre on our books page.

Sub-Genres of Cozy Mysteries:

  • Animal Cozies

  • Baking Cozies

  • Classic Cozies

  • Hobby Cozies

  • Holiday Cozies

  • Profession-based Cozies

  • Religious Cozies

  • Romance Cozies

  • Setting-Based Cozies

  • Supernatural/Paranormal Cozies

And there are many more categories on Cozy Mysteries Unlimited.

Take a Quiz

So, what's your subgenre? Discovering a new genre opens up a world of new experiences, depending on what you look for in a story. Try this quiz to find your new favorite genre:

1. There's been a murder! After your shock and dismay, you decide to help the police by doing a little investigating of your own:

a. go to the police station and talk to a detective - I'm not really sure how to do this.

b. wonder what Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot would do - they're the original sleuths, after all.

c. go straight to my friends and people I know for information.

d. go out on my own - I'll figure things out.


a. Hmm. You need a little help. Try a classic cozy mystery.

b. You're thinking like the greats! Have you read all the classic cozies?

If not try some more.

c. You're thinking like a modern sleuth. Move onto the next question.

d. You've got confidence! Move onto the next question.

2. Good morning! Who do you wish would go sleuthing with you today? (Assuming you're not in any real danger.)

a. My pet(s)! Or a really cool pet I come across in my sleuthing.

b. My significant other or a dreamy person I meet in my sleuthing.

c. The authorities - I'm not sleuthing on my own!

d. No one! I take all the risks and get all the glory!


a. You need a furry friend to help you. Try an animal cozy.

b. Love is in the air. Try a romantic cozy.

c. Smart thinking. Move onto the next question.

d. Be careful! Move onto the next question.

3. Time for Church! You:

a. show up early for the good seats. I need God on my side if I'm going to catch a killer.

b. go, listen, and enjoy a brunch with friends after. Who knows? I might find out something from my friends.

c. go sleuthing. I can practice my own spirituality at home anytime.

d. skip it and go to brunch where I can sleuth for answers.


a. Divine intervention might help solve your case. Try a religious cozy.

b. When you're catching a killer, you know you've got right on your

side. Move onto the next question.

c. You might be open to the divine. Try a religious cozy or move onto

the next question.

d. Sleuthing is your #1 priority. Move onto the next question.

4. What's for brunch?

a. Gourmet - I'm a chef!

b. A superb meal out - I'm a foodie!

c. Whatever my lead is eating - Who cares about the food when you're sleuthing?

d. Anything as long as someone else is cooking


a. Sleuthing is sweet! Try a baking cozy.

b. You've got taste. Try a baking cozy.

c. You've got a taste for justice. Move on to the next question.

d. Justice is a dish best served cold. Move on to the next question.

5. You promised to work on a DIY project with a friend. You:

a. go do the DIY project. You promised and you never have enough time for your hobbies.

b. really want to work on it, but your case won't let you work on your hobby.

c. cancel. Your hobby won't help you solve the case.

d. cancel. You really didn't want to go anyway.