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Community Spotlight: Cozy Podcasts!

What's a cozy way to start your mornings? Try these podcasts today!

What's a cozy podcast?

Listening to people who love mysteries discussing their favorite books, fan theories, and topics that make you feel warm and cozy inside - that's a cozy podcast. You can listen anywhere, on any device, as long as you have access to the podcast websites. It's as easy as that to be in the loop in the cozy mystery community. Here are the coziest podcasts to listen to today!

All Things Cozy

Matt and Gillian discuss all things cozy. Like the name suggests, the hosts discuss a variety of topics. You can finds episodes about cozy books, foods, games, tv shows, holidays and so much more! New episodes are released every other Sunday. Light a scented candle, curl up with come coffee or tea, and enjoy this bi-weekly podcast.

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Authors Love Readers

USA Today Bestselling author of over 45 novels, Patricia McLinn, interviews cozy mystery authors in this podcast made specifically for readers. Where other podcasts may give writing advice or answer questions about the publishing industry, Authors Love Readers focuses on the stories and anything readers want to know. Readers contribute questions and authors focus on the readers' point of view. Patricia McLinn has been an author for over 25 years, both as a traditionally published and indie author. She often appears on other podcasts and videos as a guest. Many of her appearances can be viewed on the Authors Love Readers Youtube Channel.

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Comfy Cozy

Author Etta Welk and her mother host Comfy Cozy in this mother-daughter podcast discussing cozy mysteries! As a budding novelist and a skeptic, Etta and her mother share their unique perspectives with listeners in a fun and intriguing way. Beware of spoilers, though, as this dynamic duo discuss books in full detail, so listener's who've read the books can enjoy the book in totality! Etta's first book Mocktails and Murder comes out in June 2021.

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Women's Crime Comedy and Cozy Mystery Podcast

An award winning podcast about cozy mystery crime comedy is created by author Daisy Pettles. The first book in the Shady Hoosier Detective agency is on the podcast and has gotten excellent reviews! The podcast is performed by Layce Gardener, an award winning scriptwriter and playwright.

Find Women's Crime Comedy and Cozy Mystery Podcast On:

Cozy Ink Podcast

Author Leah Bailey interviews other cozy mystery authors in these fun and informative episodes. Leah connects readers with authors through author interviews. Readers may also enjoy the occasional short stories she writes and shares on the podcast. For aspiring writers, Leah asks behind the scene questions of writers and shares her own writing experience, plus, she hosts a semi-annual online conference for writers. For a little bit of everything from multiple perspectives, listen to Cozy Ink Podcast!

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It's a Mystery Podcast

Alexandra Amor hosts It's a Mystery podcasts including all genres of mystery, including cozies! If you like cozy mysteries but also enjoy other mystery-related genres, this is the podcast for you! Alexandra conducts author interviews, giving readers a sneak peek into what went into creating the story. Plus, authors do story readings, so that readers can get a sense of the story and enjoy listening to stories in the authors' own voices.

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Purranormal Cativity

Eva Gross and her sister investigate mysteries in which cats solve crimes! It's a fun, quirky podcast discussing cozy mysteries with cats in them, cat-related topics, kitty sleuths, and more! This podcast is purrfectly tailored to cozy readers who love cats!

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Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast

Many have heard of Ellery Queen Magazine, but did you know they also have a podcast? The podcast features original fiction in the many genres of mystery. The dramatizations of award-winning fiction is released monthly by Ellery Queen Magazine.

Find Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast On:

Mystery Books Podcast

Bestselling author Sara Rosett brings us the Mystery Books Podcast. If you've ever finished a cozy mystery and weren't sure what to read next, this podcast may help you find your next cozy read! Sara helps readers find new books by discussing mystery reads she has found that she believes will be of interest to readers. She generally focuses on first books in a series, unless she finds a great read she can't help but show you!

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