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Book Fair Wrap Up

Thank you for all who joined us for Kisses, Crimes, and Cozies: A Cozy Romance Book Fair!

See the Fair

I'm blown away by the turn out and how fun this fair was on Sunday! I hope you had as much fun attending this fair as the authors, community members, and I had hosting it! If you couldn't make it for the fair, or if you just want to see the fair again, the fair pages will stay up for at least the rest of the month. You can view the fair page here:

Fair Background Video

If you want a peaceful, romantic rainy cafe video, I've uploaded a video background of the background we used for the fair (made by CatherineHigh on on the Fireplace page.

See the video here:

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the giveaways from our fair!

Zaida Alfaro's The Last Note Giveaway:

  • Jaimie C.

Duffy Brown's Totes Giveaways:

  • Colleen

  • Tricia S.

  • Cheryl A.

  • Samantha E.

  • Jaimie C.

  • Cherie J.

  • Angela H.

*Not enough qualified, unique entries for 10 winners.

Catherine Coles' Three Book Set Giveaway:

  • Colleen

ML Erdahl's Seattle Wilderness ARC Giveaway:

  • Jaimie C.

Astoria Wright's Sassy Sleuth Bag Giveaway:

  • Deborah L.

Richelle Braswell's Editorial Services Discounts Giveaway:

  • Samantha E.

*Not enough qualified, unique entries for 2 winners.

Cozy Mystery Book Club's Gift Basket Giveaway:

  • Colleen

Cozy Mystery Launch Party's $10 amazon Giveaways:

  • Maddie

  • Cherie J.

*An email has been sent to the email address each winner has provided. If the object you won is a physical product, please email me back with the physical address to which the object will be sent.

Congratulations on your win!

Our Next Book Fair: Culinary Cozies July 18th!

If you like culinary cozies, make sure to check back soon for details on The Cozy Mystery Library's culinary cozy book fair on July 18th. Follow The Cozy Mystery Library on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to help us choose the name of our next book fair. If you subscribe to our website, you'll get email updates about all of our events.

We hope to see you at our next fair!

Did you enjoy the fair? Do you have any suggestions for what to do differently for our next fair? Comment here or join the conversation on social media.

Join the conversation:

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