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A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair Wrap Up

A Wrap up of A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair 2021 - see who won the giveaways, the results of the polls, and more!

Summary of Events

Thank you so much for joining us for A Frightfully Cozy Book Fair last Sunday, Sept. 26th! It was a blast sharing ghost stories, discussing paranormal cozy mysteries, and shopping for books and merchandise! The book fair page is still up, so you are welcome to view the chat discussions, videos, and books. Books and merchandise may no longer be reduced in price, but you are still welcome to purchase them at their regular prices. (Books and merchandise links are all affiliate links benefitting The Cozy Mystery Library.)

Winners of the Giveaways!

The winners of Sunday's giveaways have all been contacted and prizes have been sent out. Congratulations to these lucky winners!

Penni Askew's Giveaway
10k-word Cozy Copyediting Giveaway Winner: Jennifer V.

Richelle Braswell's Giveaway
10% Discount on 1 Editing Service Giveaway Winner: Jennifer V.
Free 10k-word Copyedit: Robin C.

Angela Maria Hart's Giveaway
The Cozy Mystery Library Book Club Basket Giveaway Winner: Jennifer V.

Elaine Faber's Giveaway
All things Cat Anthology Giveaway Winner: Marie C.

Elle Hartford's Giveaway
$25 Barnes and Noble Giveaway Winner: Amy D.

Marta Ferguson's Giveaway
Demeter West and the Ghost Town Glitch Audiobook Winners:
  • Jennifer V.

  • Jaimie C.

  • Tricia S.

  • Elle H.

Astoria Wright's Giveaway

Chaos in the Countryside Audiobook Winners:
  • Tricia S.

  • Jennifer V.

  • Elle H.

  • Alexandra C.

  • Jaimie C.

Beth Wojiski's Giveaway

10% Discount on 1 Editing Service Giveaway Winner: Jennifer V.

Poll Results

*Out of 24 total responses.

Poll #1: Have you ever experienced anything paranormal?

  • Yes = 58%

  • No = 29%

  • Maybe/Not Sure = 13%

Poll #2: What is your favorite paranormal topic?

  • Cryptids = 8%

  • Fairies = 17%

  • Ghosts = 25%

  • Werewolves = 8%

  • Witches = 38%

  • Other = 4%

Thanks again to all who participated!

If you enjoyed the fair, please leave a comment on the fair review page:

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