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A Deliciously Cozy Book Fair Wrap Up

Find out who were the winners of the giveaways, what's next for our authors, and more in this wrap up post about A Deliciously Cozy Book Fair!


What's next for our Authors?

Dianne plans to complete the third book in the Century Cottage Mysteries series and then write the next one and the next one…and continue working on the series for the foreseeable future. In her words: "Book 3 (as yet untitled) should be ready to release around Christmas. It’s a tale that revolves around the very Scottish celebration, the Burns Night Supper, and what happens when one of the organisers of the town’s event is killed a few days before it.

She's also releasing Thanksgiving and Theft, a novella in the series, in late September – in time for the Canadian celebration of Thanksgiving in October.

Katherine has a craft store series themed around holidays on her schedule, the first coming in time for Halloween; the second in that series will be at Thanksgiving and she's halfway through writing as of the fair.

Before those release, Katherine has a part mystery, part fantasy set in Ireland and complete with leprechauns, libraries, and evil landlords that she will be releasing on her birthday next month.

In addition to her Bark and Beans Cafe Mystery series, Heather has another cozy series with Kensington Books called The Exotic Pet-Sitter series, featuring Belinda Blake. She may build on that series or not, but readers did seem to enjoy the unusual animals featured in each book--namely, a ball python, a wolf preserve, and homing pigeons. Belinda Blake is also a professional video gamer, as well as an exotic pet-sitter. Heather likes to think a little out of the box with her cozies, and we love it!

Candace is currently working on a new cozy series that has three sisters solving mysteries. And she has a thriller in the works that is a super secret project for a publisher. Candace also has a non-cozy, sweet and funny, Christmas book coming out in November with her daughter-in-law under the name Cecelia Guzman. That’s A Santa Fe Christmas. Candace wanted stories her grandkids could see themselves in who share their heritage.

Gayle is working on Pickled To Death, Book 7 in the Down South Café Series. It's set to be released this fall—although a definitive date has not yet been set. This one is Aunt Bess-centric—yep, Aunt Bess is a suspect! And she’ll be the first to tell you she’s too pretty to go to prison. “Those other girls would be jealous and shave my head or something. They do stuff like that in prisons. I saw in on a movie-of-the-week one time.”

Gayle will also be attending the Virginia Highlands Festival in Abingdon this year and she'll be at Abingdon Gifting Company signing this coming Saturday, 7/24, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. She would love to meet you in person. But, be warned, you'd better let her know up front if you aren't a hugger!

Tonya is working on the next book in the Shell Isle mysteries. This time the main character, Betsy and Page, have been chatting in Tonya's ear about the high school math teacher. It seems he was behaving strangely at the Perk Coffee Shop. Something about him circling numbers in a classified ad and ciphering. Betsy's convinced he's embroiled in shady doings. Page hasn't told her cousin about the latest nudge. Clearly, more than coffee is brewing at The Perk. Tonya has promised Page and Betsy this fall that she'd sit in her writing chair and give them time to tell her all about this guy and his curious doings.

Tonya and her publishers cherish her readers and their kind reviews. Tonya requests if you like Shell Isle Mysteries, please treat the books like a chain letter. Tell 5 friends and ask them to pass it along to 5 more. She personally invites you to her website to enjoy the samples of her other novels. She also has a multi-genre novel CHARM that's looking for a home, which she hopes to turn into another series.

Kim is currently working on book six in the series, which involves misplaced haddock, octogenarians on the run, modern-day dragon hunters, and hedgehogs. Kim also has ideas for at least two more books in the series, though she may write something else in between while the ideas percolate. Kim plans to keep writing Beaufort for as long as the ideas stay fresh and fun!

What's next for our Editors and Bloggers?

Penni is an editor for cozy mystery and other genre fiction writers. She provides copyediting, line editing, and beta reading services. If you write romance, she also provide developmental edits. She advises authors not to worry about getting the first draft write, but to get it written. She's got plenty of other author tips and ways to help with your manuscript. Penni is open for booking her editing services, so feel free to contact her today!

Richelle is an editor whose specialties are fantasy and cozy mystery. She offers brainstorm sessions and outline critiques for authors early in the writing process. She also offers manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Writers are encouraged to return to Richelle for several services. Her #1 tip for authors is to check for consistency and continuity after the story has been written and revised. She's open to new clients, so feel free to contact her for your next novel!

Angela always has something in her planner for The Cozy Mystery Book Club.

Her next livestream is coming up the last Tuesday of the month, so she's been having a great time on Instagram seeing everyone's photos and comments on their book pick: Death Bee Comes Her. The Cozy Mystery Book Club's August book club pick is Books Can Be Deceiving. Angela advises authors to make sure that you are writing a cozy mystery, because cozy readers know what they want. To readers, she encourages you to always be open to reading new authors and genres, and to read whatever book you like - never let anyone make you feel bad about your reading preferences. Read the book that will make your heart happy.

Through her self-started editing company, Crystal and her staff of 20+ offer a wide variety of services, including alpha reading, beta reading, developmental editing, manuscript critique, line editing, copy editing, proofreading, ebook formatting, and interior design. Her tip for authors is to research, sample, and book your editorial professionals early! Crystal's editing services book up fast, so contact her right away for your future projects!

Poll Results

There were two polls given during A Deliciously Cozy Book Fair. Here are the results:

What do you look forward to most in a culinary cozy?

It was an even split between culinary cozy readers love of culinary settings and the general food themes through the books, though a talented chef-sleuth and recipes in a cozy are always appreciated!

Where do you buy/read cozy books?

It looks like most cozy mystery readers who attended the fair purchase their books through Amazon Kindle, though there are people buying from a variety of other sites as well.

Giveaway Winners:

Dianne Ascroft's Giveaways:

One Print Copy of A Timeless Celebration

  • Karen W.

5 Century Cottage Logo Pins

  • Cheri J.

  • Cindy N.

  • Jake H.

  • Nausheen A.

  • Ferne K.

Penni Askew's Giveaway:

Ten Thousand word Cozy Edit + Style Sheet

  • Jacqueline G.

Richelle Braswell's Giveaways:

Free 3k-Word Edit:

  • Jake H..

10% Discount on 1 Editing Service

  • Ferne K.

Heather Day Gilbert's Giveaway:

$25 Amazon Gift Card

  • Jacqueline G.

Angela Maria Hart's Giveaway:

Cozy Mystery Book Club Basket

  • Renee A.

Candace Haven's Giveaway::

One Box Set of 5 Digital Copies of The Ainsley McGregor Series:

  • Jacqueline G.

$25 Gift Card

  • Alexandra C.

Gayle Leeson's Giveaway::

3 E-Copies of Down South Cafe, Book 1

  • Samantha H.

  • M. Lawrence

  • Crystal S.

Crystal Watanabe's Giveaway:

$25 Credit on any proofreading/editing project

  • Katie B.

Kim Watt's Giveaway

6 e-box sets of Beaufort Scales

  • Tricia S.

  • M. Lawrence

  • Crystal S.

  • Chelsea W.

  • Katie B.

  • Suzanne O.

Thanks to all who attended the fair!

Want to know more about future fairs? Visit

(Our next fair is a paranormal cozy themed fair on September 26th!)

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