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5 Places to find Cozy Backgrounds for Readers and Writers

Like cozy café sounds, music, and backgrounds to work, read, or write to? Here are the best places to find them.

If you’re like me, you love rainy days, soft music, and soothing scenery. Even the sounds of coffee shop noises makes me feel more at ease and boosts my creativity. Whether I’m reading, writing, or studying I’ve become used to having something on in the background (it might be the teacher in me - since classrooms are rarely pin-drop silent).

If you share my love of cozy creativity-boosting backgrounds, then you might enjoy this list I compiled in my search to find the best backgrounds on the web. I made this list mostly because I get picky with my backgrounds and I’d rather scour the web once than every time I want new scenery as the backdrop to my work.

(Please keep in mind that the list isn’t definitive. If I’ve missed your site, feel free to leave a comment about your work.)

This website allows you to listen to music while hearing the rain fall in the background. Increase or decrease the sound of the rain and listen to the featured music of the day. There are more options when you download the app.

You can listen to music and background coffee shop sounds for free or pay $9 a year for unlimited audio tracks you can listen to all day long the whole year round. They have a research section explaining some of the science about why we, the creative types (yes, readers are creatives, too!), do better with background noise.

This site has more than just cafe sounds, but what I love most about its background noise is that you can alter the specific sounds you’re hearing. Want more rain? More people chatting? More thunder? You can adjust the settings to hear it exactly the way you want it. You can access the cafe restaurant sounds here.

Like, this website allows you to adjust the volumes of several different sounds. They have ten sounds on their homepage, including rain, wind, thunder, coffee shop sounds, and even a Tibetan singing bowl. You can pay more to get 13 more sounds and any sounds that are uploaded in the future.

My personal favorite, YouTube is usually open on my iPad while I’m working and I’m generally listening to one of these ambient background videos. Some keywords I search for are "Ambient," "Ambient Cafe," and "Coffee Shop Backgrounds."

These are the best YouTube channels I’ve found (though it’s not a definitive list of all the ones out there):

Rainy Coffee Shop Scenes

Candy Music Room (18.7k subscribers) - These coffee shop scenes are bright and uplifting. Not all are realistic, but they’ll put a smile on your face. They also offer coffee shop sounds without music.

Cafe Music BGMC (2.79 million subscribers) - They offer coffee shop scenes with different types of music, some upbeat, some more relaxing. They almost always have live videos to listen to with others.

Coffee Shop Ambience - Similar to Coffee Shop Vibes with a little brighter scenery, day and nighttime backgrounds, and jazz and bossa nova music.

Coffee Shop Vibes (10.7k subscribers) - Their coffee shop videos have a touch of an amber hue to them and they play jazz and bossa nova music in the background.

Cozy Corner of Ambience (35.5k subscribers) - These are mostly cafe scenes with music, but there are some other scenes like libraries and so on.

Nature Cozy Music (457 subscribers) - They offer brighter coffee shop videos with light music and coffee shop sounds in the background.

Coffee Shops + More Settings

Cozy Feels (43.5k subscribers) - This one offers some cafe scenes, some restaurant scenes, some Christmas, and some magical settings.

Cozy Rain (289k subscribers) - There are cafés, window panes, couches, bedrooms, living rooms, and other cozy scenes on this channel.

New Bliss (230k subscribers) - Like Coffee Shop Vibes, their videos have a slight amber hue to them, making some of their library scenes seem a bit magical.

The Ambient Cafe (1.03k subscribers) - This one has coffee shops, bakeries, rainy windows, a rainy porch, a carnival, Christmas settings, and more.

Cozy Home Backgrounds

Ambience of YesterYear (42.9k subscribers) - Just like the name sounds, this video offers scenes you might find in bygone eras, like a Victorian kitchen or an Edwardian library.

Cozy Places (12.5 subscribers) - These are home scenes. The channel offers Christmas music with their winter videos.

Immerse in Nature (74.8k subscribers) - Christmas, winter snow, rain, thunderstorms, and more are offered in a variety of settings like homes and restaurants. They also offer tutorial videos.

Nature and Relaxation (31k subscribers) - This one offers fireplaces, Christmas decor, couches, and other snug home settings.

P12OUD (22.3k subscribers) This channel has relaxing fireplaces and other home scenery with rain, snow, or sunshine in the background.

Serene Ambiance (8.65k subscribers) - Watch the northern lights, sit on an idyllic porch, warm yourself by a fireplace, or visit restaurants, cabins and more with these videos.

Nature Backgrounds

Calmed by Nature (342 subscribers) - They have coffee shop scenes, home scenes, and outdoors scenes with and without music, you can find a wide variety here. Some of the videos are realistic, some aren’t. They also sell t-shirts!

Dreamy Sound (308k subscribers) - This site is mostly windows with rain or scenery, some of the videos are real videos of actual places, some are digital creations.

Relaxing Soundzzz (323k subscribers) - Read or write while looking at a beach or warming yourself by a virtual campfire with this channel, which also offers rainforests, blizzards, rain falling on rooftops and more.

Fantasy and Magic Backgrounds

ASMR Weekly (110k subscribers) - Like the name suggests, this channel uploads new, magical backgrounds weekly such as scenes you might find in Narnia, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more.

Dragonfly Mage (13.5k subscribers) - Some of these videos are not very realistic, but all are creative and unique. I might have spied Yoda hiding in one of them!

Guild of Ambience (404k subscribers) - This one offers fantasy backgrounds with fantasy music as accompaniment.

Ma Ambience (31.7k subscribers) - This channel describes itself as “virtual tourism” and a way to “teleport” to interesting places like London, New York, Hogwarts, and even outer space.

Miracle Forest (203k subscribers) - If you're into things that are slightly scary, you might enjoy these creative backgrounds with a haunted bakery or a coffee shop in space. The channels also offers how to videos on how to make the backgrounds.

Vault of Ambience (58.4k subscribers) - This channel offers magical places from books and movies like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, etc. with gentle music in the background.

A Variety of Backgrounds

Autumn Cozy (162k subscribers) - The videos on this channel have a magical feel to them and there's a wide variety. Visit an elf or witch's coffee shop, sit by the fire in Santa's study, go back in time to the Italian renaissance, or visit a Christmas food truck. There's plenty of magical options on this cozy channel.

Do you prefer silence or some background noise while relaxing with a good book? Do you have a go-to site to listen to/watch while working? Let us know on social media.

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