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A Culinary Cozy Mystery FAIR 2021


Dianne Ascroft

Century Cottage Mysteries
Book 1: Out of Options

 In this novella prequel to the Century Cottage Mysteries, after her husband is dies, Lois Stone settles in to life on her own in her neighborhood. When her friend says she has an astonishing discovery to share and then doesn’t show up for their lunch date, Lois must investigate her disappearance. What is happening to Lois’s quiet neighborhood?

Fair Day Price: Free

Katherine Brown

Ooey, Gooey Bakery Mysteries
Book 1: Rest, Relax, and Run for Your Life!

     A relaxing weekend at the O Heavenly Day Spa goes awry for two bakery-owning friends, Piper and Sam. Spa treatment mishaps and threatening notes convince Piper and Sam that they must find out who is behind all of these disasters before a major disaster puts them in real danger. 

Fair Day Price: $0.99

Heather Day Gilbert

The Bark & Beans Cafe Mystery Series
Book 1: No Filter
no filter fb size.jpg

Macy Hatfield and her brother, Bo, open Barks & Beans Cafe, a safe place for dog owners and their pets…until murder comes to visit. In book 1, a golf instructor murdered at a nearby spiritual center leads Macy to adopt his Great Dane. A mysterious message sewn under the dog's collar may help her solve the murder, but the dog is kidnapped before she can make heads or tails of the clue. Can Macy find the dognapper and killer? 

Fair Day Price: $0.99

Candace Havens

The Ainsley McGregor Series
Book 1: A Case for the Wine Maker

       Ainsley McGregor runs an artisan market in Sweet River, Texas, where local artists sell their wares, teach classes, and conduct wine tastings. Things couldn’t go better –right up until the moment her Great Dane finds a dead body. With her friend accused of the murder, it’s up to Ainsley to find the real killer.


Gayle Leeson

Down South Cafe Mysteries
Book 1: The Calamity Cafe


Tired of waiting tables at Lou’s Joint, Amy Flowers offers to buy the place from her bullying boss, and opens the café of her dreams. She’s sure her comfort food will be the talk of Winter Garden, Virginia, but when her former employer is murdered, talk turns to rumors of Amy’s involvement in his death.

Tonya Penrose

Shell Isle Mysteries
Book 1: Baubles to Die For
Baubles Cover 9-20.png

A summer escape to beloved cottage on Shell Isle with cousin Betsy Ross goes wrong for Page Wright. She can’t escape Betsy’s spicy culinary fiascos and the ‘inklings’ she gets when her sleuthing gifts are needed. Her first inkling comes in the form of a la-di-dah woman and seedy looking man writing notes back and forth to each other on a paper napkin. When Page observes a pistol being passed under the table, the sleuthing begins.

Fair Day Price: $0.99

Kim Watt

beaufort Scales
Book 1: Baking Bad

A tranquil Yorkshire village. A bloody unfortunate baked good. Can one woman keep a lid on the village secret before it all goes (dragon) tail over teakettle? A fun, feel-good series starter for anyone who loves resourceful ladies of a certain age, whimsical shenanigans, and stories that give you wings. And dragons, of course.

Fair Day Price: $0.99


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