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About The Site

           Hello and welcome to the Cozy Mystery Library! This site is a "library" in the sense that it's an index of free cozy mystery e-books. The selected titles are permanently free on major retailers such as Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Audible, and other sites. If you come across a book that is no longer listed as free, or if you know of a title that is always free, let me know and I'll update the site.


           In addition to books and the blog, this website links to other sites, such as podcasts, blogs, and booktubers who review cozy mysteries. You'll also find recipes, teas, coffees, decor, and more all for a cozy home! Best of all, you'll find cozy videos and stories to listen to by the fireside on a rainy day. 

          So, if you need a little coziness in your life , come on in, sit by a virtual fireplace and enjoy the mystery! 

*We're just getting started, so check back for updates and new editions to the site. 

What is a Cozy Mystery?

            Cozy mysteries are mysteries in which disturbing details take place off the page. The story focuses on the sleuth, usually a novice, working outside law enforcement to solve a crime. The stories vary in sub-genre, but the story elements generally include small towns, a core cast of characters, some red-herrings, and a satisfying conclusion in which the criminal is brought to justice.

What about Copyright?

        If you are an author of one of the titles listed here, I'm very aware of copyright, which is why I haven't listed your book's picture or copied any blurbs. If you want to send me your cover image and a short blurb, I'll happily add them to the site. I don't profit off of your free books, I just list them so they're more accessible to people. However, I do list some extra materials, which may use affiliate links.


            Yes and no. The free books listed here are not affiliate links. However, I do plan to list other items on the site and to run the book fairs using affiliate links in the future. That means when you purchase these other items through one of our links, we will earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Are you an Actual Library?

            While running a library or a bookstore would be a dream come true, this site is neither of those things. It's really a blog. The blog has four main topics. Cozy Media posts are about books, libraries, TV shows, and more all in the cozy mystery genre. In my Cozy Creativity posts, I give tips, references, and generally discuss the process of writing cozy mysteries. Cozy Community is all about the online community of cozy mystery authors and upcoming events. Lastly, in Cozy Living I discuss tips for living a cozy life.

Who are you?

      I am a mystery enthusiast and an indie cozy mystery author, Astoria Wright. I mainly write paranormal cozies and I have a few books of my own listed on this site. You can find out more about me on my website:


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